Responsible Office: Student Health Center

Purpose:  Medical examinations and procedures are potentially distressing for patients and those involving intimate area or the need to completely undress may make patients feel particularly vulnerable.  As a result, a patient may desire the presence of a chaperone during intimate examinations.  The Student Health Center is committed to supporting patient dignity, privacy and the maintenance of professional boundaries where patients and staff can be confident the best practices are always being followed.

Policy: It is the policy of the Student Health Center that patients who enter the center and request an evaluation for a specific complaint, will be evaluated by the health care provider in the center.  The patient reserves the right to refuse evaluation at which time the refusal will be documented in the medical record.   

Patients who require examinations that are sensitive in nature, including but not limited to examination of genitalia, at the request of the patient, or when the health care provider deems necessary- two medical professionals must be present in the examination room.  The chaperone presence would be in addition to the health care provider performing the pertinent examination.  If the patient refuses a chaperone, the sensitive exam will not be performed, and the patient will be referred to an off-campus provider to render services.

Charges for any and all procedures and/or lab tests will be billed to the student account.

The student may request a walk out statement at the time of service or after to present to their insurance company for reimbursement.

The policy will be enforced by the Director of Student Health along with the Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students.

Reporting:  Medical professionals, in carrying out their work with student patients are not obligated to report incidents of sexual misconduct.