Randolph-Macon College requires that all students live in College-owned residence halls unless they are: residing with their parents, guardians, or spouses; 23 years of age or older; part-time students with eight or fewer semester hours; or those students who have special medical or personal considerations, which must be accommodated (documentation is required) through Disability Support Services. In order for students to be approved for commuter status, they must live within 35 miles of the College.

Due to capacity constraints, there will be times when the College will permit other students to move off-campus. When this permission is given, the criteria for students selected will be based on class seniority and will be regulated by the Office of Residence Life. The authorization to live off-campus will be granted for that particular academic year only. Students must comply with all instructions given by the Office of Residence Life to accept a waiver if offered one. Waivers may be revoked at any time due to any unacceptable behavior of that student. If any student does not comply with the designated process for living off-campus, including by not completing required forms, the student will be billed for housing and meals as a residential student.

IMPORTANT: Students cannot sign a lease prior to receiving approval for their off-campus waiver through Residence Life. If a student signs a lease and is not approved for an off-campus waiver they will still be responsible for the cost of campus housing.