All notices must carry the name of the responsible College organization or department and contact information. Additionally, all signage must be stamped by the Student Engagement Center with the date that the sign will be removed by the group. 

Bulletin boards that are not designated for a particular office may be used for poster display. Notices may be attached to bulletin boards with thumbtacks. Notices may not be posted on automobiles.

Nails, tacks, staples or any kind of adhesive tape other than quick release (blue) masking tape may not be used to attach posters to trees, but posters and banners may be tied to tree trunks with string. Stakes bearing signs may not be driven into the ground. Tape should not be used on glass surfaces or walls anywhere on College property.

Commercial advertising matter and posters unrelated to the College are prohibited except in designated areas since advertising opportunity is provided in College publications.

Students should not post fliers directly inside or outside of Residence Halls themselves. If they are to be posted in the Residence Halls, the appropriate number of fliers/posters are to be delivered to the Student Engagement Center and given to a staff member or student employee. The information will be put up by Resident Assistants. Permission to hang posters in the interior of Estes Dining Hall must be obtained from Parkhurst.

Individuals who advertise services to students may post small notices on bulletin boards in designated areas on campus. 


Students may use chalk to advertise as well. The chalking may not appear on vertical surfaces, must be event related, and can only be placed in areas that are approved by the Student Engagement Center for the time approved in the request. To request to chalk on campus, please contact the Student Engagement Center and describe the nature of the request. 

Large Displays

Permission to display banners, signs, flags, sheets, or other items inside or outside of any building or residence hall must be obtained from the Student Engagement Center. Any large displays must be in compliance with the Student Conduct Code and Residence Life policies. No banner may be larger than 8′ x 8′ or remain up for longer than 14 days without express written permission from the Director of Student Life, the Director of Residence Life & Housing, and/or their designee.

Removal of Notices and Displays
Notices and displays that are not removed within three days after the date of an event, or any notice/display that does not bear the appropriate approval, will be removed by the College. Furthermore, the person or organization responsible for them may be charged for their removal and any damages. Organizations will be held financially responsible for enforcing these policies with candidates for their respective offices. If an organization repeatedly violates these policies, it may be charged with Failure to Comply or Failure to Follow College Policies in the Student Conduct Code. Additionally, the organization may lose the privilege of posting notices or materials. Finally, an organization may have recognition withdrawn by the Student Conduct Board and/or the Student Engagement Center for repeated violations.