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Hard Work and Community Service a Winning Combination

Feb 16, 2017


Student holding a basketballRandolph-Macon College student Daniel Noe '18 knows that hard work and community service can add up to a lot of good.

Noe, an economics major and member of Junior Achievement (JA), meets weekly with second-grade students at Henry Clay Elementary School (HCES) in Ashland, Virginia, where he helps them understand the fundamentals of economics. Junior Achievement brings volunteer role models from the community into K-12 classrooms to deliver programs that foster work readiness, entrepreneurship and personal finance. Noe was featured in an NBC12 video on February 22, 2017.

Noe creates fun projects that help the students learn about community banking, division of labor, economic institutions, taxes, interdependence, jobs, money and business. He has been a member of JA since 2015, the same year he began working with the HCES students.

Teacher and Superstar
Angie Hoggan, the students' teacher, admires Noe's work and says her students look forward to his weekly lessons.

"Daniel teaches a lesson and engages the students in a hands-on activity each week," explains Hoggan. "For example, he recently had the students pretend they were working on an assembly line in a donut factory. During the lesson, they learned about concepts such as mass production, quality control, and productivity. Daniel has a wonderful way of making seemingly complex ideas understandable—and fun—for our students."

Noe has also worked with the students on a project in which they pretended to earn money from various jobs—and then learned about taxes as they watched their paychecks shrink.

"Daniel's interaction with the students is simply remarkable," says Hoggan. "The students love when he comes to the classroom. In their eyes, he is a superstar."

Noe says, "I love working with Ms. Hoggan's students. If they look forward to my visit each week, and I can make learning fun for them, then I have done a good job."

Holding Court
Noe is also a standout on the basketball court. A member of the Yellow Jacket team since his sophomore year, he recently scored a season-high 25 points as the basketball team recorded an 85-66 ODAC victory against Randolph College.

"The team has been playing well recently, and I think that is because of the respect that we have for one another," says Noe. "We are genuinely excited for each other when someone makes a good play. That's why I love playing for Randolph-Macon. It is truly a family."

Hoggan says her students are big fans of Noe whether he's in the classroom or on the basketball court.

"They have seen photos of him on the R-MC web site, and last year some of them went to a basketball game to watch 'Mr. Noe' play," she says. "When he scored a basket and his name came over the PA system, their excitement was explosive. I am always impressed with his natural ability to connect with the students and make lessons enjoyable. As a bonus he has ended each semester with some basketball in the gym. He discusses the importance of nutrition and physical fitness, and then it is game time!"

Noe's post-R-MC plans include graduate school, where he plans on earning a master's degree in economics. Not surprisingly, basketball will likely play a big role in his future, too.

"Eventually I would like to coach basketball," he says. "I am passionate about it."

Giving Back
In 2015-16, R-MC students collectively amassed more than 27,400 volunteer hours and donated $49,898.00 to various causes. Students in Fraternity and Sorority Life contributed more than 13,600 hours of collective service to the community and donated $1738.00 to various organizations and philanthropies. In addition, $21,000 was raised and donated to the American Cancer Society from the annual Relay for Life.

Over 300 students participated R-MC's second Big Event, a day of service to give thanks to the Ashland community. The Students Engaged in Responsible Volunteer Experiences (SERVE) program, in the Office of Student Life, is an integral part of Randolph-Macon College.