Cross Area Requirement Computing, Technology Literacy


Technology literacy involves developing computer skills and the ability to use appropriate technology to improve learning, productivity, and performance. (from U.S. Department of Education, 1996)


To plan and develop an artifact(s) for a defined task (or tasks) by appropriately employing selected technology tools.

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Students shall possess an awareness of the type of tasks for which the technologies studied can be utilized as well as the limitations of the technologies.
  2. Students are able to articulate why the selected technologies are appropriate for the artifact(s) they produce.
  3. Students shall participate in the planning, development, and production of working artifacts using technology resources and demonstrate their mastery of these technologies within the context of the course.
  4. Students shall use the technologies in a legal and ethical manner.


A course that satisfies the technology literacy requirement must possess the following features:
  1. Students must be required to create a functional artifact(s) in a project of a series of assignments.
  2. Students must receive instruction in the use of multiple technologies and make use of these technologies in the course assignments or project(s).
  3. Students should be involved in the planning/design of each artifact.
  4. Instructors should be comfortable in providing qualitative feedback on the student work with the technologies.