Enrolling in Biology 121 or 122

If you want to take Integrative Biology II (Biology 122), you will need to follow these directions.  However, before you get started, please realize that this course is intended for students majoring or minoring in Biology, students interested in health-related careers, and students in other majors that require these courses.


If you are a FRESHMAN, you can register for this course at the start of your enrollment period, just as you would any other course (and you can ignore all of the text below).


If you are a SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, or SENIOR, carefully follow the directions below.


Follow the link below and fill out the web form.



If your intended schedule changes after your initial submission of the web form, simply follow the link again and submit another web form (all the entries are time stamped, so we’ll be able to identify your most recent submission). To maximize your chance for a seat, forms should be submitted by 8:00 AM on the day prior to the start of your registration period, which is determined by the number of credit hours you have earned according to MyMaconWeb, not the number of years you have been at RMC. It is very important that you accurately report the number of credit hours you have earned (you can find this information at the top of your unofficial transcript). Note that there are no seats available for upperclassmen directly through MyMaconWeb, so you must complete the form to enroll in the course.



During the afternoon or evening before the beginning of each registration period (which is determined by the number of credit hours earned; see above), emails will be sent to all students who have been authorized to enroll in the corresponding registration period. Please note that emails will likely be sent in batches, so you should not worry if your peers receive authorization emails before you.  If you receive such an email, you will have 48 hours to enroll yourself (via MyMaconWeb) in the section for which you have been authorized. If you do not enroll within 48 hours, your authorization will be revoked, and your slot will be made available to another student.


Any questions about this process should be directed to Professor Ramage (BenjaminRamage@rmc.edu).