Registration Process

Register in The BUZZ

  • Log into The BUZZ
  • Under the “Organizations” tab, select the "Register a New Oeganization" button on the left side bar
  • Complete the required form

Recruit Members

  • You must have five (5) current student members
  • A list of member’s names must be uploaded on The BUZZ form 

Create Constitution

  • Develop a constitution for the organization
  • Submit the final constitution during registration on The BUZZ as a file upload 

Acquire a Faculty/Staff Advisor

  • Send Benny Balderrama an email at bennybladerrama@rmc.edu informing her of who your advisor is 

Once all required information is turned in, the organization’s request and documentation will be given to SGA for final approval. Once a decision is made, the organization will be contacted and their BUZZ portal will be activated.