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International Travel

International Group Travel Plan Summary

We participate in iNext Comprehensive Ultimate Plan, which provides the insured with critical benefits such as protection against sickness (including mental health concerns), trip delays, baggage delays. In addition, participants will also be provided with Political/Natural Disaster evacuation coverage, and travel assistance, through which arrangements can be made in case of an emergency. 

Please note that the policy does not have the pre-existing condition exclusion; however, it does have limitations. You cannot cancel for any reason and expect to receive your money back. However, for specific circumstances (typically medical in nature), there is a cancellation provision that allows up to $3,000 to be refunded.

International Schedule of Coverages (They plan pays up to the following maximum benefit limits per person): 

Comp Ultimate 3 State MO-PA-VA_Page_01

Important Notes:

  • Quoted benefits and rates are in effect until September 30, 2017 and are subject to change thereafter.
  • Any country for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning is excluded from the following coverage: cancellation coverage, trip interruption, and political evacuation.
  • Travel to “war risk areas” is subject to a higher rate, to be determined prior to the trip. War Risk Areas are subject to change, based upon the current global environment. Please contact us 60-90 days ahead of a trip to ascertain if the country is categorized as a war risk area.
  • This product is a Group Travel Policy through iNext International Insurance and not available to individual travelers. Please contact Assistant Director, Office of International Education, Mayumi Nakamura (mayuminakamura@rmc.edu) with questions regarding this Group Travel Policy.
  • The Master Policy provisions will prevail for any dispute on claims.

Click here to download the entire Comprehensive Ultimate Plan Policy. 

In the event of a medical emergency abroad, please contact R-MC's Campus Safety at (804) 752-4710 and follow iNext's protocols and instructions


Rates per Participant (the following costs are included in the total trip cost):

  • Daily Premium Rate: $1.65 daily ages 13-59; $5.10 daily ages 60+
  • Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Rate: $9.85-$11.70 per participant/trip (if you are traveling to any Zone A countries that are high risk, the cost could be higher.)
  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption Fee: $99.00 per participant/trip